Bathroom Designers

Although the bathroom remodel can seem to be a small somewhat simple job it is often rife with complications during a remodel as it is such an important space that requires greater attention to detail.  Bathrooms in general and especially small bathrooms are a challenge to organize to provide for such intimate personal functions and have enough storage.  Enter the Interior Designer / Bathroom Designer to help you out.

Taking on the role of bathroom designer we do not limit the design to this one area only, we consider the whole house, the entire interior when designing any single space including bathrooms.  The reason for this is that although one room serves a particular function it is not entirely separate from the home.  The adjoining spaces must flow into and out of other the areas to create a congruency throughout the home that reflects the client’s personality & taste.  A good example of this would be how to most effectively design a master bathroom.  This area would adjoin a bedroom so these two spaces would be best designed to flow into and out to each other.  This can be achieved by marrying color palettes and finishes (their color and material) as well as an effective lighting design with switching sources that flow throughout following the path of travel.

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