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Interior designers in San Francisco have quite a bit of architectural knowledge both of styles and structures of buildings.  Being a city like any other, San Francisco is a living thriving collection of architectural history.  The challenge interior designers face working in San Francisco and the East Bay is to create interiors that are appropriate to modern day lifestyle that function well yet do not overwhelm an older architectural style such as the once wildly popular Victorian style (1837 – 1901 respectively) that we have here in San Francisco.

If you live in a Victorian or another predominant style here; the Edwardian, then you know all the charms and faults they carry.  As these structures age the circulation (air flow) deteriorates and many of the protective elements such as windows and doors no longer seal completely, allowing moisture to enter the interior and collect.  For this reason it is not uncommon to have problems with mildew or mold accumulation.

While the client most often focuses solely on what furniture will be appropriate, the designer approaches the space by stepping back and looking at the environment as a whole.  From this larger view the designer considers what issues will need to be addressed initially before delving into décor to create the most energy efficient, healthful environment as well as incorporate the client’s living needs and desires.  For the Victorian/Edwardian house (or flat) the most common areas needing repair and remodeling are:


Lighting/Electrical (not enough light sources, not enough electrical outlets, not enough circuitry)

Space plan (usually rooms are too small & cramped)

Storage (complete lack thereof)

Designing for a particular older architectural style does not mean creating a literal interpretation as in an historically accurate interior but rather to pull from the initial concepts of that era emphasizing key elements of that particular style that are then mixed with a more modern day comfort/function.  For example, the use of color and textures on finishes or upholstery as well various styles of light fixtures can be a strong reference to the past while mixing it all together with more contemporary furnishings that balance the space to suit the architecture with a present day lifestyle.  This blending together of the past and present is what the expert designer will do for the client.  It may look easy on TV or in a magazine but it takes careful selection and deep knowledge of materials and design history.

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