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Kitchen Design and kitchen remodels are probably the most sought after interior design in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  They say the kitchen is the heart of any home and unfortunately many of the older homes here in San Francisco and the East Bay have rather inefficient poor design.

When considering remodeling your kitchen we recommend that you do hire a professional.  Kitchen design is far more complex than frequently assumed and requires working drawings to be submitted to your city building department for permits.  (Please do not embark upon a remodel without the required permits, it will not save you money and could potentially cost you much more to try to evade this step.)

Before considering all the beautiful new things you want in your kitchen, e.g. appliances, cabinetry, hardware etc. first step back and look at the layout or function.  How can the existing layout be improved upon?

There is the “L” shape and depending on the size of the room this can have a lot of wasted space (if the room is large with the cabinets/counters along two adjoining walls.  A classic remedy would be to install an island that serves for storage and seating as well as more working surface.

One of the most efficient kitchen designs in terms of layout is the galley kitchen.  The galley (depending on size) offers a lot of linear working surface (countertops) making it easy to prepare many things at once; one side a pastry station, the other side cutting vegetables and preparing other dishes.  The sink, stove, refrigerator can be close to each other within the classic triangle allowing for easy flow between tasks.  A criticism of the galley kitchen many people have is that it can feel closed in & cramped.  Depending on the adjacent rooms and the load bearing structure a wonderful solution to this is the remove one of the walls to open it to the adjoining space.  The layout is still a galley style but now becomes more of an open space plan.  True the overhead cabinetry is gone but with careful cabinetry design you can still have ample storage.

See photo samples of some of our Bay Area kitchen designs

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