Interior Design = Romance!

Interior Design = Romance!

Welcome to Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants, an ASID award winning  interior design firm based in San Francisco and serving the greater Bay Area. We create beautiful, elegant interior environments for residences as well as commercial office spaces, retail stores, boutique hotels and hospitality businesses.

This Featured Item page is our invitation to you to experience wonderful design, introducing you to our work along with some of our favorite furniture artisans, artists and lighting designers and their great products, provide information on what constitutes good design, its process and of course great value.

It’s already February of 2017 and high time to start planning that most important holiday of this month…, not President’s day; VALENTINES DAY!  Do you have a home environment that supports or attracts intimacy?  If not would you like to?

Introducing the wonderful Holmsby Sofa designed by Michael Berman.  While the artist is always right we are unofficially re-naming this piece the Make-Out Couch as it has such an allure of romance (we hope Michael does not mind).

We like that it has both subtle and racy curves along the back, arms and bench seat, a far cry from the ubiquitous rectangle!  Curves are universally sensual and naturally call to mind both focus and relaxation for one to one conversation, perhaps more.  This piece also combines a sleek contemporary line with those curves, a perfect mating of traditional and modern aesthetics.  Think of the “love-seat sofa” or the “tete-a-tete lounge from a 19th century salon re-imagined to fit present day life.

A sofa or couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever buy, being the 2nd most used item of furniture in a home so why not invest in a piece that will spark a bit of heightened sensual energy?  This piece would be perfect for the sophisticated single looking to attract and meet the one or the long term couple wanting a bit of newly inspired warmth now that they have more private time as children are grown & out of the house.

If you would like to make your home better reflect your own personality then please contact us for a consultation.  We would be honored to create a unique beautiful design for you and help you realize your vision for a gorgeous home environment.

If you are interested in today's featured item or past featured merchandise please contact us at 415-722-9124. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with a purchase price quote. Please note that items we show are not mass-manufactured but are hand crafted and of extremely high quality. It can take from 6-12 weeks from the day of purchase for any single item to ship and arrive at your home.

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