2519 Sofa

2519 Sofa

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Winter is now upon us; slowing our lives down a bit, marking the season of introspection and because of the colder weather we are spending more time indoors.  As we are spending so much more time inside this is perhaps a good opportunity to evaluate our home surroundings regarding function and comfort…ask yourself how you feel about that couch you have.  We all know that most of us are finding ourselves a bit more often in front of the TV watching a favorite show marathon or movies during these colder months and that translates into more time on the couch.

Other than your sleeping mattress the couch/sofa is the single most important piece you will have in your home as it functions quite centrally to daily life.  The couch serves so many different activities such as entertaining, intimacy and rest.  It’s a place to cozy up with family, watch sports or a movie with friends; a comfortable place to seat many (if large enough) for casual entertaining and admit it, the best place for an un-planned nap.

Enter our latest featured item the 2519 sofa from the A.Rudin Company.  This gorgeous sofa is not new but a classic in their long line of exquisite upholstered furnishings.  We love the elegant curving lines and original styling of the arms.  It is truly “transitional” as it is able to fit with both traditional and contemporary spaces.  Spencer Rudin was kind enough to give us a small bit of background on this sumptuous piece;

“The 2519 sofa was designed by my father Ralph Rudin, he wanted to create a clean transitional sofa that had a nice curve to it which looks beautiful floating in a room from any angle. The subtle base and arm details are what really make this piece unique.”

Indeed this sofa is so special it can sit in the middle of a room as a stand-alone piece (perfect for a loft space or open plan architecture).  We have used it in a traditional design and can report that when our client moved from their Victorian flat to a contemporary hotel apartment this sofa looked as if it had been deliberately chosen for the new space though it was originally purchased for their previous home.  A piece that can travel with you and not only last but continue to have a relevant style throughout ones’ many lifestyle changes is money quite well spent and worth every penny.

If you are interested in today's featured item or past featured merchandise please contact us at 415-722-9124. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with a purchase price quote. Please note that items we show are not mass-manufactured but are hand crafted and of extremely high quality. It can take from 6-12 weeks from the day of purchase for any single item to ship and arrive at your home.

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