K-3200 Dining Table

K-3200 Dining Table

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Our current featured item is the K3 Dining Table designed by Bruce Knowlton from Knowlton Brothers.  We are excited to show this piece as we think it is such an exceptional example of great artistry & craft.  We have used this gorgeous table in our designs which can be seen in the Gallery section of our site under Living Rooms.  As Bruce Knowlton describes below it has great versatility for finishes, materials and range of sizes.  Our favorite material is the use of a glass top as it creates a transparency showing the beautiful sculptural aspect of the base and allowing for the illusion of the expansion of space.

“The K3 table began as an inspiration to create a simple sculptural form using only three components. The asymetrical pedestal appears to be random and accidental yet has amazing strength and function to support heavy glass or stone tops.  The angular interaction of edges and surfaces creates a dramtic display of light, shadows and space.  The K3 has proven to be versatile and has taken many configurations including large twin pedestal conference tables as well as smaller game and side table versions.  Round and rectangular wood tops with leaf extensions are also available.  Knowlton Brothres offers 28 standard finishes on Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Maple hardwoods.”

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