Re-Do & Renew For Spring!

Re-Do & Renew For Spring!

Welcome to Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants, an ASID award winning full service interior design firm based in San Francisco and serving the greater Bay Area. We create beautiful interior environments for residences as well as commercial office spaces, retail and hospitality businesses.  We also offer online design services for those seeking help that may not live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Check out our services page.

This Featured Item page is our invitation to you to experience wonderful design, introducing you to our work along with some of our favorite furniture artisans, artists and lighting designers and their great products, provide information on what constitutes good design, its process and of course great value.

It’s that time of year again…“Spring Cleaning”!  Most of us think of this as a time to discard old or worn out items, things that are no longer useful or appropriate for our stage of life.  What about the areas of your home that are “wasted” space” or “unorganized” so that they cannot well serve the purpose they were built for?

We invite you to take a longer look around your home and assess if where you spend most of your time (likely your kitchen and bathroom), if these areas meet your needs.  Are they pleasing to look at, comfortable to perform tasks, do they make you just a little bit house proud?  If you answer no to any of these questions then perhaps it’s time to take on a remodel.

Updating and/or re-designing these two areas in the home to be not only more efficient in function but also more aesthetically beautiful has a greater effect than mere financial gain of increased property value.  Making your home more pleasing to look at, comfortable to be in and function more smoothly during your daily tasks greatly affects your mood and emotional state.  Studies have shown that many people report feeling much happier on a day to day basis and have improved relations with their spouses and children after renovating the problem areas of their homes.

For this spring season we are featuring one of our own projects, a newly constructed master bath in San Francisco. You can view the project in the Gallery under bathrooms and the before & after section.  We are quite proud of this particular design in part because we received first place for Best Residential Bathroom Remodel from the ASID Design Excellence Awards.

The flat previously had only one very small bathroom in the hallway area.  Not an efficient size nor function for a family dwelling.  However, there was quite a bit of wasted space in the kitchen, a mostly never used breakfast nook that happened to be conveniently located adjacent to one of the bedrooms.  By reclaiming this space, converting it into a master bath we were able to provide much needed privacy and storage as well as creating a lovely spa-like ambiance.  Many details and features such as a warm floor under the tile and built-in niches at varying heights in the walk-in shower make this master bath feel luxurious.

If you would like to make your home feel like your own personal oasis then please contact us for a consultation.  We would be honored to create a unique beautiful design for you and help you realize your vision for a better home environment.

If you are interested in today's featured item or past featured merchandise please contact us at 415-722-9124. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with a purchase price quote. Please note that items we show are not mass-manufactured but are hand crafted and of extremely high quality. It can take from 6-12 weeks from the day of purchase for any single item to ship and arrive at your home.

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