Rikyu Sofa

Rikyu Sofa

Welcome to Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants, a full service interior design firm based in San Francisco. We are excited to now be offering online design services, check out our services page.  We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite furniture and lighting designers and their great products, provide information on what constitutes good design, its process and of course great value.

Our latest featured item is the wonderful Rikyu sofa by one of my very favorite furniture designers, Ted Boerner.  I have been following his work since the late 90’s and continue to be amazed at how prolific he has been and how he is able to consistently create such beautifully inspired pieces.  This sofa is amazingly comfortable and would fit into many differently styled spaces.  It’s perfect for city living, in a loft or a small apartment.  Ted describes below in his own words his inspiration and how the evolution of this piece came about.

“The Rikyu Sofa was inspired by the Japanese word ‘Ma’ which is a concept of the subtle space between inside and outside.  I visited the Imperial residence Katsua Rikyu in Kyoto, which was more of the imperial retreat. The gardens are considered one of the most important examples of classic Japanese garden design. In this case I was  struck by how the buildings and the landscape related to each other…the curving paths around the ponds meeting up with the straight  walkways around the building.   It is that merging point that inspired the Rikyu Sofa.  The Curved seating section merging with and separating from the straight low platform table.  The backside is reminiscent of  a screen or a garden wall of bamboo or wood.   And….it’s very comfortable.”

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